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About Us

With over 21 years of experience, TT Hoang Giang Fashion offers the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes and the great dry cleaning service. Expect quality work at a great price.

Materials of all kinds can be styled, repaired or altered to be the perfect fit. Clothing can be altered for your individual needs and expectations: maternity, petite, large sizes, taller, older, or shorter. Whether you need to mend, re-style, patch, shorten, lengthen, take in or let out your clothes, replace a zipper, remodel, or alter your wedding dress,suit,jean,jacket, etc. TT Hoang Giang Fashion will take care of them.

TT Hoang Giang Fashion professional staff will ensure that your Garment treated with the utmost care possible, and returned to you looking fantastic and fitting perfectly.

Hoang Giang ,who is the business director has been making handmade suits and Men & Women shirts for over 21 years.

Retail stores we work with:

  • Cue 

  • Veronika Maine

  • Cambridge clothing Company

  • DOM Bagarato

  • Joe Black

  • Gibson

  • Big & Tall menswear

  • Oxford

  • Morganson Finery

  • Stafford Ellison 

Our Services 


We also accept the payment by EFTPOS machine

               we can collect and deliver your clothing                        when we completed the service.

               you are able to make a payment through Bank transfer :

                     Our Bank account : 

                      Account name : Hoang Giang PTY LTD

                       BSB: 062130

                       Account number : 11535253



City Site :Bailey's Corner 

1st Flr. Suite 4

143 London Circuit 

Canberra City ACT 2601

Phone : (02) 62628988

Email :

Belconnen Site :Unit 3

68 Josephson St 

Belconnen ACT 2617

Phone :(02) 62511556

Email :

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TT Hoang Giang Fashion , we offer all our senior customers 10% off their first order and an extra 10% loyalty discount on every order after that.

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